This time in English, just in case the receiver of this message wants to re-post it for his followers, interested in where the f#ck is he. Or, in that case, where the f#ck is he going to be.

Are you wondering now what is it all about? So, long story short, there is one thrill-seeking guy, who decided to travel from Poland to Melbourne, mostly hitchhiking and searching for all the crazy experiences that being on the road has to offer. His name is Voyo and although he asks on his blog to be called Mojo, I know him long and well enough to ignore that request. Few months ago, in our common hometown Gdańsk, we were complaining over a beer about our bad-timing and me planning to leave Melbourne before him getting there, when suddenly the brilliant idea came to our minds. I should hide in Melbourne a treasure for him!

So here I am, spending one of my last nights in Melbourne on digging a hole in the ground with a fork (surprisingly the most effective from all the digging devices I took with me on that mission) and asking myself WHERETHEF#CK is my mind. I guess there are things that you just do for your friends. And for blogs’ publicity. And all in all, for fun.

But before we get to the hole, let’s start properly.

Dear Voyo,

It’s difficult to predict how are you gonna feel when you arrive in Melbourne, but I’m almost sure that you’re gonna find here everything you miss on the road, cause Melbourne has it all. However, it has it all hidden and as much fun it is to explore it on your own, sometimes it’s nice to have some tips to know where to start. The treasure should be a good guidance for the beginning of your life as an Aussi. It will make it easier – but hey, it can’t be too easy. Just as everything else in Melbourne, the treasure is well hidden.

There are two paths that lead to it – an easy one and one full of adventures. It’s completely up to you which one you choose, but it’s also completely obvious which one I would like you to choose. An easy one is provided as a back-up plan, just in case something goes wrong and the clues disappear from their locations before you get to Melbourne to get them.


  1. Your start point is 123 Swanston Street, 300 Melbourne CBD – eat all you can eat  there and then go to the second floor and look for that bookshelf:


  2. Look for directions where to go next in this book:


  1. Follow the same scheme in all the next places. Enjoy what’s the best of them and look for bookshelfs, books (titles chosen completely randomly) and directions where to go next. Use following picutres as clues (numbered accordingly):

  2. In the 5th and last stop (yes! There’re only 5 stops, super easy) find the exact location of the treasure.

  3. Prepare digging device (something better than a fork recommended) and go for it!


  1. Go straight to the location of the treasure:  37°47’11.3”S  144°58’57.2”E


  2. In case after some time of digging you can’t find anything under any tree, call me. Luckily the treasure is up-to-date with new technologies and most of it can be provided in a digital version.

That’s it. Have fun on miley’s road!


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